Best damm clan in the world great servers awesome members and admins and the staff is 1 in a million
NTCC_Gunny, look behind you
You know what time it is . Time to get your game on at NTCC servers

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Semper Fi happy gaming

NTCC_Gunny, United States
"Just wanted to drop by, say hello and thank you for running a great server!"
I couldn't have made a better server myself... and I'm, well you know... Chuck mother effing Norris...
Chuck Norris,
"Well you guys actually act like a clan. not like a collective of douche bags. plus any group with past or present soldiers is A+."
"Aloha everyone nice server u guys have."
Kalani ,
"I really enjoy your Servers!! keep up the awesome work!"
Your servers are Great and so are your clan member's very helpful to us new to the gaming . Thank you for your help and your servers.
GunnySgt1960, Pataskala Ohio
"Love your servers, started playing on them a few weeks ago"
Ian Schumacher,
What's up, NTCC? Just thought I would stop by and let y'all know you guys are doing an amazing job with your servers! The rules are fair, the admin aren't abusive from what I've seen, and you guys provide an overall amazing performance for BF4. Your servers were the first ones I played on when I got the game, and the last ones I will play on when I retire the game, but that's not going to happen for a long while. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing y'all on the battlefield.
Midget2Short2c, Aurora, Colorado
"You guys run a great bunch of servers. Thanks and keep up the good work. Cheers"
"Hey sup NTCC, just swinging by to give a shout out to you all! Much fun gaming on your server!"
There will be no more better TDM server without the charming guys of (((NTCC))) Clan
Thanks to the guys of (((NTCC))) Clan for make best TDM Server in Battlefield 3

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