(((NTCC))) was formed in 2004 with a group of members who played Far Cry and Far Cry 2. NTCC also provided servers for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. We are currently providing servers for Battlefield 4 only at this time, but intend to add more servers for other future games.

At this time we are running three BF4 servers. Two of the servers are dedicated to original maps only in TDM and Conquest. The other servers is dedicated to running only DLC maps only.

Our clan caters to the older player with an older group of players over the age of 40 yet we are lucky enough to have younger players as well. We are currently recruiting for new players at this time. If you’re looking for a clan that is designed for the beginning to average skill level players, who just play for fun, then please apply to join our clan. We demand that all players treat other players with respect at all times and we have no tolerance any player criticizing other player’s game play.

All of our servers are protect by ACI and we use master ban list from GGC, and PPBANS. Our servers are also equipped with over ten additional anti-cheat plugins that do various other anti-cheat functions. We strive to provide as much of a cheat free gaming environment as possible. Our staff members are trained to investigate players suspected of cheating and to be able to issue bans to those players actively using hacks.

NTCC provides a system to all players to report suspected players of cheating or violating our clan rules and polices by a @player reporting system. All reports made are reviewed by our staff and acted on if appropriate.

NTCC has active admins on its servers and the servers our currently manned by admins either in game or monitoring server admins programs. When admins are not on-line, we have an auto-admin system that helps monitor our servers.

At (((NTCC))), our clan motto is “At NTCC, the only dominating force should be fun, not other players.” Our servers cater only to the beginning to average skill level players. Players with above average skill levels, show disrespect to other players, make racist comments, criticize your game play, or simply cannot act like an adult will be banned.

If you’re new to the game, or just want a hassle free environment to play at, then check us out. So if you’re a beginning skill level player to an average skill level player and you are looking for a clan to join then go to our forum section and apply!

(((NTCC))) is currently recruiting new members
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“At NTCC, the only dominating force should be fun, not other players.”